Calvin Laituri


Elegy: First Edition [Zine]

Elegy: First Edition [Zine]


First Edition of the Elegy Zine. It is an abstract social commentary piece which focuses on the place of technology in our lives - a bystander’s status report of where we stand as a society. What we have created has arrived at a point where it overshadows we who have created it. What was once in our control, no longer is. Beyond this, it touches upon aspects of Nye’s thesis explored in his book, American Technological Sublime. In this, it explores how Americans marvel at their grand achievements, the looming golden gate, the manpower and science that landed us on the moon. It aims to find the place where this wonder turned to terror as it became something that ruled over us. What Immanuel Kant described sublime aesthetic philosophy in the late eighteenth-century continues to share parallels with the modern digital landscape. 

Full Color. 10 Pages. Edition of 14.
Designed, Illustrated, & Written by Calvin Laituri

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